Sparks NV Backyard Shade Structure:

In Sparks, NV. Brett & Tiffany needed shade badly for their backyard patio space. Since they already had wood posts put in with this in mind, it didn’t make sense to pay more for a complete tear out and replacement with an expensive aluminum patio cover. That’s where we came in…

The Project Process:


This particular Sparks, NV backyard faces east… which means the hot evening sun isn’t the problem like it is for most folks we get a call from. Rather, in this case, it was the mid day glare and heat.

A common complaint that we hear in these kinds of backyard patios is that while the sun might actually be behind the house in the late evening, the heat radiating up from the concrete or pavers that sat in the sun during the entire day is still very unpleasant.

With this project, the posts were already mounted in place, and they wanted to put them to work. So, we sat down and came up with a design that would take full advantage of their placement, added in some beam work, glide shades, and a pair of shade sails to set it off. By combining the charcoal and burnt orange colors together, we got a nice pattern of color from left to right.