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Why Shade Sails?

Residential shade sails are cool. We mean that both literally and figuratively. 

They’re cool in the shade they provide of course, but there’s also a cool factor with their elegant simplicity (aren’t you proud of us for getting all the “there/they’re/their’s” correct in a single sentence? lol.)

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The Shade Sail Story.

Shade Sails first became popular in the Australian Outback where there was little/no shade from the scorching sun. Both residents and travelers needed an easy, portable, lightweight, and robust system to shelter them from the sun. But, today’s modern shade sails weren’t born easily.

In the beginning, heavy canvass tarps were tried of course, but they weren’t designed to deal with occasional winds and would immediately tear their grommets away with the first gust. (Not that we’ve ever tried something like that with modern plastic tarps… *eyes rolling*)  So, handy home seamstress’ tried stitching an additional patch of cloth into the corners to help reinforce those grommets. Unfortunately, while marginally improved, the grommets still tore away. Then, they tried stitching in loops of fabric into the corners to further “bite” into the canvass tarps – still, they tore away… despite being marginally stronger, the weight of the fabric and winds were too much for regular use. The day had to be calm or they couldn’t put up their shade sails.

Then came along this thing called technology.  Airfoil aerodynamics, synthetic braided reinforced cordage, super light weight and UV resistant synthetic fabrics changed the shade sail industry. Now, commercial grade shade sails can withstand winds up to 130mph or more! 

Todays shade sails are designed with computer generated parabolic curves to help them “slice” through the wind while keeping their shape and strengthening their tension. The super strong synthetic fabrics can both allow airflow to pass through, while handling hundreds of pounds of tension. Today’s synthetic fabrics can sweat under the direct sun for 10 years before degrading. Modern UV protected threads can last even longer. And recently, kevlar reinforced synthetic cordage (rope) is now STRONGER  than steel cables! (Offroad vehicle winches now use synthetic ropes instead of steel cables for safety reasons as well). 

With the increased production and availability of these materials, residential shade sail construction is now affordable at scale.

If you have a space or area in your backyard or patio that desperately needs cover from the hot summer sun, but you’re unwilling to spend a premium for a 4 season permanent structure,  a custom sized shade sail may be just the ticket. With our easy rapid release system, you can take down your sail in just 2-3 minutes. That way, when a storm is coming or even if you just want to see the stars, you can easily stash the sail at your convenience. 

If you’d like to learn more about what options would be best for your specific needs, drop us a note, and we’ll gladly come take a look and help you understand your options.