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Reno patio cover contractors are charging upwards of $9,000 for installed aluminum patio covers… and yet, the same 10’x20′ aluminum cover can be had for just $2,300 at Home Depot? Ouch.

Shade Sails are significantly LESS EXPENSIVE

(and far prettier in our humble opinion) lol

Why pay for the 3 months you can’t use it? If it always rained/snowed straight down during the winter months… it might make sense to build a 4 season solid aluminum patio cover… but it doesn’t! It snows in sideways at 60MPH! lol. Which means you wouldn’t really be out there anyway… so why pay for it?!

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An Aluminum Patio Cover in Reno is not the best option any more… They’re simply too expensive for what you’re actually getting. They weren’t always this expensive mind you… but they certainly are now. For several reasons.

First, the premium 25% aluminum and steel tariffs on imported materials in May of 2018 has dramatically impacted the materials costs. That effects everyone. No patio cover contractor in Reno can avoid it.

Secondly, good -ol’ fashioned supply and demand has drastically raised prices as well. As these patio cover businesses book out their install dates, they continue to raise their prices. Early in the year, they start around $35 square foot (as of March, 2018) – and by June they’re pushing upwards of $50 for the same product. Ouch.

Thirdly, there’s a small bit of ego involved… Just 3 years ago only 1 company offered patio covers for more than $30 square foot (at a time when most of their competition wouldn’t dream of asking more than $16). That company was considered an outlier by the industry and mocked by their competition – despite pulling 50+ permits each year for patio cover installations.  (You can read about why they charged so much to start HERE).

Then, another company gave it a shot and started asking $30… Their logic? “If they can do it, we can do it too! After all, we’re selling the same thing. No way are we going to be shown up!”  And guess what happened… within a year, nearly every company raised their prices accordingly… despite their costs remaining almost exactly the same – (until the recent tariffs).

So what is a homeowner looking to shade their backyard to do? First, if you’re absolutely certain that an aluminum patio cover is the best choice for your home, and you have zero interest in doing any of the work yourself… always get 3 bids (or more these days) – see our blog post HERE on how Sarah nearly paid $7000 MORE than she had too for the same installed patio cover. But, better yet, get a couple friends together on a Sunday, have the Home Depot kit delivered in the morning, and build it yourself… and be finished in time for an evening BBQ!

Of course, we’ll also suggest that you consider a beautiful shade sail system installed for twice the beauty (all in the beholders eye – we know lol) at less than half the price of an installed aluminum patio cover.

Sarah very nearly paid $7,000 more than she had too for a patio cover. Why? Because she almost accepted the first bid she got.

What she didn’t know was that there are patio cover companies out there with highly commissioned and trained sales reps determined to dog & pony show you into paying way more than you should.