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Hybrid Pergola and Fabric Shade System.

Choose Your Shade! (of color that is)  😉

Ah, the time honored pergola – perhaps the most traditional shade structure ever! Dating back to greek origins, the mighty pergola was a common sight around populated centers. While the wood used above has long rotted away, many of the stone and marble columns still stand tall today.

Modern Pergola’s haven’t changed much in their construction. They still look very similar to their thousand year old counterparts. Of course the materials have changed due to cost and efficiency. Can you imagine the cost to import (4) Italian Marble Columns for your backyard pergola? You’d be the talk of the neighborhood that’s for sure… lol. That said, pressure treated lumber, steel, and aluminum are today’s best choices. They’re easily sourced, affordable, and quick to work with.

Where we do things a little differently, is with the 2×2 lattice tubes that provide the bulk of your shade with traditional structures. Instead of using wood, or even aluminum, we ditch them altogether. The zebra striped shade underneath is more annoyance than help – plus after a few years they warp and need replaced. So, instead, we create custom outdoor rated fabric panels that provide 95% shade coverage, or none at all, by simply pulling the panels open or closed. By using our custom built glide shades you get to decide how much sun or shade you want.

The Glide Shade.

The Glide Shade Option.

Custom built glide shades are the perfect add-on to your backyard pergola. Instead of paying for an expensive and permanent 4 season solid roofing system that you’ll rarely use during the winter, we suggest our 3 season hybrid option. This way, you can get the shade you want at a price that makes sense.

The fun part is, when you want to be completely shielded from the harsh glare of the midday sun you simply pull the shades closed. And then, later that evening when you want to enjoy the sunset painting the sky above… just pull them open again! With our removable rope rail system, you can store the shade panels away each winter for safe keeping, and then lace them back up in the spring. If you can tie a shoe, you can do this too.

Shade Canopies Reno, NV.

Obviously, this is the cheapest option provided you’re willing to strap everything down and put it away after each use. The plus side is that you can take it with you to your kids’ soccer games on the weekends.

If you’re the handy, do-it-yourselfer type, then you’ll be tempted greatly at all the DIY kits available online. Unfortunately, those systems are not made for our altitude, wind, or ground type. They are simple “bolt-’em-down” and “cross-‘yer-fingers” kits with ZERO warranties (read the fine print).

We’re a little partial to this idea… we admit. That said, it’s with good cause. We understand the forces our shade structures face. Whether it’s scorching sun, heavy winds, custom sizing, outdoor rated hardware, etc – we know what it takes to design and install a shade system created specifically to these needs. And as a result you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to repair/replace your investment for a loooong time. Ask about our warranty.

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