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The Problem.

Even the best patio covers can’t help with late evening sun, at least, not without the use of a drop roll shade. As the sun lowers toward the horizon, the more glare. Also, breezes often pick up at this time making your outdoor dinner plans even harder still.

Shade your patio space from unwanted glare.

The Cure.

A custom sized drop roll shade not only keeps the glare out, but also keeps those pesky breezes at bay (up to 20mph). Now you can relax in your outdoor space without the sun or wind keeping you from your downtime.

Obviously, this is the cheapest option provided you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. And for those who can’t afford to hire a professional, the DIY option is the only option available.

Unfortunately, the DIY kits available at the box stores are very poor in quality, don’t last, and rarely fit the space properly where you want shade. And with the intense sun and winds – usually need replaced/repaired each year.

The good news is they’ll have LOTS of pretty fabrics to choose from! lol. The bad news is, very few are made to handle direct exposure from the sun and it’s damaging UV rays. The threads they use for stitching, the hardware they use for rolling, and the fabrics (while pretty) are all made for INDOOR use. Which means expensive repairs or replacements later down the road. Why go through the aggravation or expense if you don’t have to?

We’re a little partial to this idea… we admit. That said, it’s with good cause. We understand the forces our shade structures face. Whether it’s scorching sun, heavy winds, custom sizing, outdoor rated hardware, etc – we know what it takes to design and install a shade system created specifically to these needs. And as a result you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to repair/replace your investment for a loooong time. Ask about our warranty.

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