In Carson City, the Andersons needed several locations around their home shaded. From their upper guest house patio space, to their garage drive, to their primary outdoor entertainment area. Each location had different needs and design elements, some simple, some not-so-simple. lol. We loved them all… and so did they.

We just wanted to let you know we are loving the shades! They look great and provide the just right amount of shade. They are real game-changers for our property and we love that we can now enjoy a lot more time outside. - The Anderson's.

CRshade.com –  Awesome! We loved the challenge your project brought, and were just as pleased as you with the results! 🙂

The Project Process:

Carson City Shade Sail Installer
Carson City Carport Installer.

First things first, we walked the property with the Anderson’s and listened to their ideas for where they wanted/needed shade.

Then, we sat down and began the planning, designing, and pricing of the project. After about an hour and a couple different scrapped ideas – we came up with a perfect design that made sense for their ideas, needs, and budget. The following day we set to work converting the pencil and paper design into a computerized program that would allow us to order the materials with exact precision.

With the orders placed, the hardest part of the entire process began. Waiting. lol. The manufacturer needed a little more time than we originally planned, and the Anderson’s were graciously understanding. Once the materials arrived, the process of installing the different systems began.

First, we began by digging the huge footings for their custom removable posts. Their view is a spectacular one, and in the winter when the shade sails are put away, they wanted to also remove the posts from the view. We custom welded in ground receivers that would only be 3-4″ above ground level for the posts to slide into securely.

After carefully placing the post receivers, our concrete truck arrived and we wheelbarrowed the thick 5.5 sack blend up to and into the footings. We recessed the concrete so the natural ground cover could be placed right back up to the posts – hiding the heavy duty concrete pillars below.

The next day we began with the upper guest house. These columns didn’t need to be removable and with the pre-existing concrete we didn’t want to cut if we didn’t have to. It never looks pretty. lol. We bolted down our custom welded posts made to size, placed our stainless steel anchor points and installed the first sail. We tensioned everything down – and boy did she look pretty!

Next up was the carport shade system. Mr. Anderson often needed extra space to work at, however, the exposed and hot concrete driveway was simply unbearable. We decided upon a simple rectangular shade sail with another removable pair of posts for when he needed the full driveway to navigate a trailer, or for winter storage.

Finally, it was time for the main patio space. A huge southwest facing space that when combined with the brightly pebbled surface below was even hotter than the concrete driveway! It was impossible to enjoy the space as it was. It was windy the day we installed the sails so it wasn’t easy. Thankfully, we got through it and tensioned everything before the REAL winds picked up just a half hour after we finished! We watched the sails slowly rise up and then down as they sliced through 50 MPH wind gusts.