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Our philosophy is simple…  If it matters to you – it matters to us.

Our systems and policies are designed around the single idea that the experience you have with us will be a rewarding experience. From the initial online learning process, to the design consultation, to the final inspection of our work, we’re with you all the way.

Let us make your shade cover experience perfect!

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Before we opened, we asked our family, friends, and co-workers (homeowners) what they wanted from professional patio cover and shade experts…

  • Take your time… I’ll need more than 15 minutes and a business card. Give me the time I need, answer my questions, offer me ideas, and understand that while you do this every day – I don’t.

  • Be Respectful… Don’t pull that “you gotta buy today or the price doubles tomorrow” nonsense like the other guys try to pull. We’re smarter than that.

  • Be Creative… Show me options and ideas I wouldn’t normally consider. Offer me solutions that work “mechanically,” and still comply with applicable building codes.  I’ll be seeing this every day and I would like it to be attractive too.

  • Show me Photos… I’m visual, so show me LOTS of photos that explains what works, what doesn’t, and WHY along the way so I understand with you.

  • Have Integrity… I want to know that when you say “It’ll be here on _____” that’s when it will actually be here. PLEASE, If something changes that – tell me asap! (I have a life outside this project and need to plan accordingly.)

  • Be Fair… (Didn’t we just mention integrity?) Just because I’m in a “better” neighborhood doesn’t mean you should charge us more like the other guys try. We worked hard to get here and we’re happy to pay what the project is worth – but not a penny more.

Our #1 priority was to build a modern project management system to reduce (if not completely eliminate) the most common complaints customers often had when working with contractors…

Generally, those complaints fell into two categories. First, the price the contractor originally quoted increased significantly after the project started. They would claim that the ground was harder to dig than expected, that the quote didn’t include shipping costs, or some other nonsense.  Second, communication came to a halt after a deposit was received for the work. They remained tight lipped and vague on any future timetables. Often, workers wouldn’t show up, or only show up for 3-4 hours, then take off again, and not show up for another 2-3 days. And when asked, the workers were scheduled multiple jobs at once and left to juggle the calendar as best they could… often needing 2 weeks or more to complete a 2-3 day project.

We knew we could offer the best shade construction experience possible today by being proactive – and we have. The outcome is simple, you’ll know in advance EXACTLY what your project will cost – no variations – and what you can expect throughout the entire build process. If anything changes, even a little, we CONTACT you immediately to discuss our options. Our crews are scheduled a single project at a time to ensure the smoothest and quickest project install possible.


We work with the best brands in the industry! 🙂